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    have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?

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    Long hair, don’t care!

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  5. I just got real stressed today all of the sudden and now I just want to give up.

    My room is a huge mess and I wanted to clean it up before school started but that’s proving to be a struggle because I’m busy the rest of the week.

    I texted my manager asking for next weekend off and he said he already made the schedule, and I just gave in my new availability for school today and I don’t know if he saw it before he made the schedule. I don’t wanna have a bunch of shifts next week that I have to try and get covered because I have class.

    I don’t feel like I have enough time to get everything done that I want to and I’m stressed about work now too.

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    Liam loses his in-ear and Niall helps him find it

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    We interrupt our regular broadcast to bring you … Vulcan Kisses



    I put together some vulcan smooches for you, because I love you.

    Vulcan husband-wife kiss:



    Vulcan mother-child kiss:



    Sexy vulcan makeout:


    ooh yeah get some

    Vulcan—wait what


    what are are you doing


    oh my god




    yeah so I don’t know what this equates to in human terms


    but I’m pretty sure if you did it in public on Vulcan it would get you arrested

  8. I was thinking of going to get another tattoo this week, but i just spent all my money on a phone case, wynton marsalis tickets, and books…

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    Louis tries to grab Liam’s mic, but ends up losing his own one. 16/08/14

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    i watched him do this, so i am very content.

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jackieomara: life is ok as long as harry styles exists

    jackieomara: life is ok as long as harry styles exists

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